7 thoughts on “How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Payoneer? [100% Working]

  1. Fadi

    But is this method still working? I have read on other blogs and they say Paypal no longer accepts Payoneer Virtual Bank Account. I am afraid of giving it a try and creating problems with my account.


    1. Ana

      i successfully linked my paypal to payoneer but i wanted to try with a small amount first. i transferred $1… If it is free then it should work.

  2. AbsShop

    Tested, Works, But Name on PayPal account and Payoneer should be just the same. It is not possible to transfer directly from PayPal to Third Party.

  3. Hakan

    It’s very useful. Thank you so much for this information.

  4. Ken Weatherford

    I have a PayPal Credit account. I would like to know if Payoneer will accept PayPal Credit as a funding source. My bank account is already connected to my PayPal account, but I am finding that many payment system will not allow PayPal credit as a funding source from PayPal.

    Anyone know?

  5. shoaib

    not working for me.. when i try to add bank in Paypal… it gives me error…

    1. Alex Post author

      It works most of the time. However, in some cases, it may not work because of the limitation of PayPal account or similar problems. In most cases, you can can’t link your PayPal account with Payoneer because of the country you’re living in.
      If you have still issues, you can read this post https://payoneerhelp.net/post/5d6f0b660dfcdc74a25a376a & ask your questions related to Payoneer there.


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